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shameless humblebrag...

My second short film Man to Man premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh, 2017 and was selected for festivals all around Ireland as well as internationally, receiving the O'Kalem Award for Best Short Film at the Baton Rouge Irish Film Festival as well as an Audience Award at the Chicago Irish Film Festival. My two recent shorts, Cut-throat and Down The Road, are playing at festivals worldwide. The latter is a Gold Medal Winner at the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards.


Having recently been awarded a literary bursary from the Irish Arts Council, I am now developing a feature film script and also pitching a TV series to whoever will listen! Other than that, I freelance as a writer/director/editor, collaborating on commercials and other film and TV projects. My background in strategy and production, combined with a creative appetite, helps facilitate a complete service, from concept to execution. I'm delighted to be a regular collaborator with BBDO Dublin, as well as Widescreen, Avondale Studios, and Outer Limits.

My Style -


When it comes to commercial work, I often pitch for more tender and nostalgic themes, with a particular interest in existential wonder, sentimentality, and the idiosyncrasies of life. With that said, I love brands that are true to their identity and their audience, and I like to think I am good at aligning myself with whatever the client's vision is on a given project - understanding their goals and working with them to fully expound their character in a creative format. Sounds pretentious when I write it out like that! But I am captivated by the human condition and everything it subsumes. I think that extends to brands as well; each one has their own personality and story. My job is to help represent that and amplify their unique selling point in their respective industry.


With my film work, I also enjoy exploring darker themes, focussing on issues I'm passionate about, such as mental health, social stigma/controversy, and philosophical morality. I particularly love heady, psychological drama, but also thoroughly enjoy dry, witty comedy. For me, it's all about the immersiveness of the story, with the caveat of 'Show', don't 'Tell', and the commitment with which the project is executed. Deftly narrated complexity is something to which I aspire. Telling the complicated, fascinating story between the lines. 

Influences -


Terrence Malik, Lenny Abrahamson, Reed Morano, Bob Rafelson, Tom Ford, Derek Cianfrance, Adam McKay, to name a few...

All Time  favourites -


The King of Marvin Gardens, Garage, Succession, True Detective (S1), The Thin Red Line, The Simpsons, Breaking Bad,

Peaky Blinders, The Office (UK), Synecdoche New York, The Handmaid's Tale, Giri/Haji, and so many others...

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I grew up loving film.


Whether it was going to the cinema with friends or DVD nights with the family, movies were always a great source of enjoyment and education for me. But it was only in my mid 20s that I decided to pursue film properly.


I originally studied Theoretical Physics in Trinity and went on to do a Masters in Strategic Management in UCD Smurfit Business School. It was during my masters that I wrote and directed my debut short film Not with a Bang But a Whimper, which screened at a few festivals around Ireland in 2015. It was an experience that taught me so much and gave me my first real taste of filmmaking. I immediately knew I wanted more.

After my masters, I took a job as a Strategic Planner in the advertising industry. It seemed like a good mix of scientific analysis and creativity in the realm of storytelling. However, even throughout that time, I found myself repeatedly drawn to the idea of making films.

So I got in touch with a few production companies, who were kind enough to give me some work, and I began learning first hand what it takes to produce professional film, tv, and commercial advertising.

Tel: +353 86 370 8979



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